Education concept idea.

Education: The Great Equalizer

Education has long been viewed as the great equalizer in paving a path to increased opportunity.

A quality education, starting with access to early learning experiences and continuing through postsecondary education, is strongly correlated too the ability to earn a living wage, live a healthy life and fully participate in civic life.

The United Way of Kershaw is in the process of creating a Ready Readers program in partnership with the Kershaw County School District. The program will be designed to bring in AmeriCorps members and trained volunteer to assist the reading coaches in our elementary school mentor second and third graders to improve their reading scores to be at third grade reading level by the time to enter the fourth grade.

The program is elementary focused, but the ultimate goals are:

  • Percent of students reading at grade level 3rd grade reading proficiency rates
  • Percent of students who earning passing grades in core subject areas
  • Percent of students who maintain satisfactory or improve school attendance
  • Percent of youth who develop soft skills
  • Percent of students who graduate high school on time (race, income level, gender)
  • Percent of students who graduate HS college and career ready
  • Percent of youth (15-24) who are employed and/or complete internships

We are planning to launch our program in the fall of 2022.